lördag 20 oktober 2012

Free Twitter Followers


This will be my first share on this blog since it's amazingly simple. This bot will add a few hundred followers to your Twitter account per use! All you do is enter your username (no password) and wait a couple of minutes. This bot will give you the same results as you get when buying Twitter followers from various sites!

Below is a virus scan.


SHA256: ecfb2b7953601f72e468d7d9310cfd22511703486cd7e4d1d7 f1fdcad1f1390a
File name: twtfollow.zip
Detection ratio: 0 / 43

If you find this bot not working, please write a comment and i will post an updated version. Twitter changes their systems every day so please have understanding in this.
To get to the download you will have to finish 2 surveys/competitions (free, of course) of your choice. (Yes, atleast I think I should get something for giving you all this for free!) After this, the FREE FOLLOWERS will be all yours! 

Download Here!


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